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Posted on: March 12, 2011 12:03 am
Edited on: March 12, 2011 1:03 am

Daily Picks: 03/11 - 03/13 Finals Set C

As you all know, I'm having a hard time keeping up with all of these games so let me know where I messed up... I will have time to catch up on results tomorrow.

1-Akron over Kent State
2-Alabama over Kentucky
3-Arizona over Washington/Oregon
4-Brigham Young over San Diego State/UNLV
5-Connecticut over Louisville
6-Dayton over Saint Joseph's
7-Duke over Virginia Tech
8-Florida over Vanderbilt
9-Grambling over Alabama State
10-Harvard over Princeton
11-Kansas over Texas
12-Memphis over Texas-El Paso
13-Michigan over Ohio State
14-Michigan State over Penn State
15-Morgan State over Hampton
16-North Carolina over Clemson
17-Stony Brook over Boston University
18-Temple over Richmond
19-ACC Winner over ACC Loser
20-A10 Winner over A10 Loser
21-Big10 Winner over Big10 Loser
22-SEC Winner over SEC Loser

For the newcomers, please note that you need to use your picks to project who will meet in the conference finals for the ACC, A10, Big10, & SEC.  Then, you need to pick the conference tourney winners.  Good luck!
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Daily Picks: 03/11 - 03/13 Finals Sets A&B

I will update results tomorrow... These are my picks:

Set A
19-Utah State over San Jose State
18-Long Beach State over Santa Barbara
17-Texas Southern over Alabama State
16-Ohio State over Northwestern
15-Washington/Washington State over Oregon
14-Kansas over Colorado
13-Kent State over Ohio/Ball State
12-Richmond over Rhode Island
11-Brigham Young over New Mexico
10-Memphis over East Carolina
9-McNeese State over Texas-San Antonio
8-Purdue over Michigan State
7-Boise State over New Mexico State
6-Georgia over Alabama
5-San Diego State over UNLV/Air Force
4-Texas-El Paso over Tulsa
3-Clemson over Boston College
2-Michigan over Illinois
1-Mississippi over Kentucky

Set B
19-Bucknell over Lafayette
18-Temple over La Salle
17-Duquesne over Saint Joseph's
16-Vanderbilt over Mississippi State
15-Duke over Maryland
14-Hampton over Coppin State
13-North Carolina over Miami (Fla.)
12-Xavier over Dayton
11-Jackson State over Grambling
10-Arizona over Southern California
9-Wisconsin over Penn State
8-Florida over Tennessee
7-Akron over Western Michigan
6-Bethune-Cookman over Morgan State
5-Texas over Texas A&M
4-Notre Dame over Louisville
3-Syracuse over Connecticut
2-Northridge/Cal State Fullerton over California Riverside
1-Virginia Tech over Florida State

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Daily Picks: 03/07 - 03/10... FF Sets D-F

Set D
1-Air Force over UNLV
2-Bowling Green over Western Michigan
3-Cal State Fullerton over Northridge
4-California over Southern California
5-Chicago State over South Dakota
6-East Carolina over UAB
7-LSU over Vanderbilt
8-Marshall over Texas-El Paso
9-Missouri/Texas Tech over Texas A&M
10-New Mexico over Colorado State
11-North Carolina State over Maryland
12-Oklahoma State over Kansas
13-Portland State over Seattle
14-South Carolina over Mississippi
15-California Irvine over Long Beach State

Set E
1-Akron over Miami (Ohio)
2-Auburn over Georgia
3-Cincinnati over Notre Dame
4-Connecticut over Pittsburgh
5-Georgia Tech over Virginia Tech
6-Grambling over Mississippi Valley State
7-Indiana over Penn State
8-Miami (Fla.) over Virginia
9-Norfolk State over Coppin State
10-Ohio over Ball State
11-Oregon State/Stanford over Arizona
12-St. John's over Syracuse
13-Tennessee over Arkansas
14-Santa Barbara over Pacific
15-Texas-Pan American over North Dakota

Set F
1-Alabama A&M over Alabama State
2-Buffalo over Kent State
3-Colorado over Kansas State
4-Houston Baptist over New Jersey Tech
5-Iowa over Michigan State
6-Minnesota over Northwestern
7-North Carolina A&T over Morgan State
8-San Jose State over Idaho
9-Southern Miss over Memphis
10-California Riverside over Cal Poly
11-Utah over San Diego State
12-Texas-San Antonio over Sam Houston State
13-Wake Forest over Boston College
14-Washington State over Washington
15-West Virginia/Marquette over Louisville

Posted on: March 7, 2011 12:23 pm

Daily Picks: 03/07 - 03/10... FF Sets B & C

Yes... these are my actual picks:

03/07 - 03/10 Set B
15-Marshall over Houston
14-Missouri over Texas Tech
13-Oakland over South Dakota State
12-McNeese State over Nicholls State
11-LIU-Brooklyn over Robert Morris
10-Hawaii over San Jose State
9-Norfolk State over Howard
8-Iona over St. Peter's
7-UCF over East Carolina
6-North Texas over Western Kentucky
5-Sam Houston State over Stephen F. Austin
4-Old Dominion over Virginia Commonwealth
3-Nebraska over Oklahoma State
2-Arizona State over Oregon
1-Fresno State over Nevada

03/07 - 03/10 Set C
14-Southern Miss over Tulane
13-Texas Southern over Arkansas-Pine Bluff
12-Stanford over Oregon State
11-Jackson State over Prairie View A&M
10-Colorado over Iowa State
9-Baylor over Oklahoma
8-TCU over Wyoming
7-IUPUI over Oral Roberts
6-St. Mary's over Gonzaga
5-Middle Tennessee over Arkansas-Little Rock
4-Texas-San Antonio over Northwestern State
3-Rice over Southern Methodist
2-Texas State-San Marcos over Southeastern Louisiana
1-Wofford over College of Charleston

Posted on: March 6, 2011 1:48 pm

Daily Picks: 03/07 - 03/10... Final Four Set A

1-Butler over Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2-Central Michigan over Buffalo
3-Dayton over Massachusetts
4-DePaul over Connecticut
5-Eastern Michigan over Akron
6-La Salle over St. Bonaventure
7-Maryland-Eastern Shore over Florida A&M
8-Northern Arizona over Northern Colorado
9-Northern Illinois over Bowling Green
10-Princeton over Pennsylvania
11-Providence over Marquette
12-Rutgers over Seton Hall
13-South Carolina State over Delaware State
14-Saint Joseph's over George Washington
15-South Florida over Villanova
16-Saint Louis over Rhode Island
17-Toledo over Ohio
18-Weber State over Montana
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Daily Picks: 03/05 & 03/06... F9

70 games and 648 points available... I guarantee I get at least 4 games right!

Set A 03/05/11 12:00PM - 2:30PM
1-Binghamton over Vermont
2-Dayton over George Washington
3-Duquesne over Richmond
4-Georgetown over Cincinnati
5-Georgia over Alabama
6-Indiana over Illinois
7-Iowa State over Kansas State
8-Kansas over Missouri
9-Louisville over West Virginia
10-Michigan State over Michigan
11-Notre Dame over Connecticut
12-Oregon over Arizona
13-Rhode Island over St. Bonaventure
14-Stony Brook over Albany
15-Texas Tech over Texas A&M
16-Virginia over Maryland
17-Virginia Tech over Clemson
18-Xavier over Saint Louis

Set B 03/05/11 2:30PM - 7:00PM
1-Air Force over New Mexico
2-Arkansas over Mississippi
3-DePaul over Syracuse
4-Florida over Vanderbilt
5-La Salle over Temple
6-Loyola-Maryland over St. Peter's
7-Marquette over Seton Hall
8-New Hampshire over Boston University
9-Oklahoma State over Oklahoma
10-Purdue over Iowa
11-Tulane over Memphis
12-UCLA over Washington State
13-NC-Asheville over Coastal Carolina
14-UNLV over Utah
15-Texas-El Paso over Southern Methodist
16-Villanova over Pittsburgh
17-Wyoming over Brigham Young

Set C 03/05/11 7:00PM - 9:30PM
1-Duke over North Carolina
2-East Carolina over UAB
3-Hartford over Maine
4-Montana State over Northern Arizona
5-Nebraska over Colorado
6-North Dakota State over Oral Roberts
7-Princeton over Harvard
8-South Florida over St. John's
9-Southern Miss over Tulsa
10-Southern Utah over Oakland
11-Stanford over California
12-Texas over Baylor
13-Texas State-San Marcos over Sam Houston State
14-Troy over North Texas
15-UCF over Marshall
16-Louisiana-Monroe over Western Kentucky
17-Utah State over Louisiana Tech

Set D 03/05/11 9:30PM - 03/06/11 9:30 PM
1-Arkansas-Little Rock over South Alabama
2-Central Connecticut State over LIU-Brooklyn
3-Canisius over Rider
4-Colorado State over San Diego State
5-Eastern Washington over Weber State
6-Florida International over Denver
7-Florida State over North Carolina State
8-Kentucky over Tennessee
9-Lafayette over American
10-Lehigh over Bucknell
11-Miami (Fla.) over Georgia Tech
12-Penn State over Minnesota
13-Robert Morris over Quinnipiac
14-South Dakota State over IPFW
15-UMKC over IUPUI
16-Southern California over Washington
17-Wake Forest over Boston College
18-Wisconsin over Ohio State


Kansas City Region
1) GeoMapster: 461 points (110-37) .817
2) sfrye4585: 435 points (103-44) .765**
3) jonvi: 393 points (107-40) .784

Seattle Region
1) s0merand0mdude: 451 points (104-43) .791
2) Lobofan2003: 411 points (106-41) .770
3) Beer: 361 points (103-44) .740

Indianapolis Region
1) hoosierguy1019: 447 points (111-36) .803
2) BoilerBadger: 411 points (99-48) .766
3) TranquilChaos: 405 points (100-47) .765

Beer Region
1) LAOJoe: 629 points (95-52) .720
2) NCAABKJNKY81: 509 points (94-53) .678
3) bearcatnation: 288 points (45-31) .689

** Wild Card Leader

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Daily Picks: 03/04... The Fine Nine

Since I’m feeling generous, I’m going to award TWO more automatic bids because the other top 5 players from the regular season deserve them:

hoosierguy1019 finished in third place with bonus points and fourth place without them.
Lobofan2003 is one of only 4 players with a pick percentage above .700.  That was good enough for third place without bonus points and fifth place with them.

Tongneri7 , in his first year of the competition, finished in fourth place overall with a .683 pick percentage… which was good enough for our final AUTOMATIC bid and the #6 overall seed.  Unfortunately, he stopped making picks!

So, here’s where it gets interesting… The rest of us are wrapping up the BIT Play-In Round tonight for the right to join our Top 5 in the quest for the National Championship.  Since one of our auto-bids dropped out, the Top 4 players in the BIT Play-In Round (not counting those who received autobids) will ultimately join the Top 5 in 3 different Regions while all other players will continue to compete in the B.I.T.  Here’s how the tournament will differ from previous years…

During the BIT play-in round, ALL players (including automatic qualifiers) started with zero points.

The top 3 overall players (GeoMapster, BoilerBadger, & s0merand0mdude) are simply competing against each other for the Top 3 seeds.
The next 2 players (hoosierguy1019 & Lobofan2003) are competing for seeds 4&5.
All other players are competing for seeds 6-9.  The players who do not finish in the Top 9 will continue to play in the B.I.T. for the rest of the season.

The National Championship Bracket will consist of exactly 9 players (The Fine 9 instead of The Elite 8) in 3 regions.  They will be formed as follows:

Region A : #1, #6, #9
Region B : #2, #5, #8
Region C : #3, #4, #7

Based on the results of the "Fine 9" round, the top player in each region will advance to the Final 4.  In addition, the player with the most points from the remaining 6 will earn a trip to the Final 4 as a wild card.  All other players will move into the B.I.T. bracket.

In the Final 4, the player with the most cumulative points (starting with the BIT Play-In Round) will compete head-to-head with the player with the least cumulative points.  The other two players will also face each other.

The winners of the head-to-head matchups will face each other for the National Championship while the other will move into the B.I.T.

Our schedule is here:

BIT Play-In Round : Games from 02/28 (Mon) – 03/03 (Thu)
Fine 9 : Games from 03/04 (Fri) – 03/06 (Sun)
Final 4 : Games from 03/07 (Mon) – 03/10 (Thu)
Finals : Games from 03/11 (Fri) – 03/13 (Sun)

Good luck everyone!!!  Here is our first set of FINE 9 Games...

1-Akron over Kent State
2-The Citadel over Elon
3-Creighton over Northern Iowa
4-Detroit over Valparaiso
5-Evansville over Indiana State
6-Georgia Southern over Appalachian State
7-Georgia State over NC-Wilmington
8-Loyola-Marymount over Portland
9-Manhattan over Siena
10-Marist over Niagara
11-Northeastern over Delaware
12-Pennsylvania over Harvard
13-Princeton over Dartmouth
14-Samford over Furman
15-San Diego over Pepperdine
16-Towson over Drexel
17-NC-Greensboro over Davidson
18-William & Mary over James Madison
19-Wright State over Cleveland State


Overall Standings (762 points possible)
1) GeoMapster: 444 points (55-21) .791
2) jonvi: 420 points (56-20) .776
3) hoosierguy1019: 418 points (55-21) .774
4) s0merand0mdude: 384 points (52-23) .760
5) Lobofan2003: 360 points (52-24) .736
6) TranquilChaos: 352 points (48-28) .731
7) BoilerBadger: 348 points (48-28) .728
8) Beer: 326 points (51-25) .714
9) sfrye4585: 322 points (50-26) .711
10) bearcatnation: 288 points (45-31) .689
11) LAOJoe: 276 points (47-29) .681
12) NCAABKJNKY81: 228 points (48-28) .650

Kansas City Region
#1 GeoMapster: 444 points (55-21) .791
#6 jonvi: 420 points (56-20) .776
#9 sfrye4585: 322 points (50-26) .711

Seattle Region
#2 s0merand0mdude: 384 points (52-23) .760
#5 Lobofan2003: 360 points (52-24) .736
#8 Beer: 326 points (51-25) .714

Indianapolis Region
#3 BoilerBadger: 348 points (48-28) .728
#4 hoosierguy1019: 418 points (55-21) .774
#7 TranquilChaos: 352 points (48-28) .731

BIT Standings
1) bearcatnation: 288 points (45-31) .689
2) LAOJoe: 276 points (47-29) .681
3) NCAABKJNKY81: 228 points (48-28) .650

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Daily Picks: 03/02 - 03/03... BIT Play-In Round

Set A
1-Bradley over Drake
2-Cincinnati over Marquette
3-Clemson over Duke
4-Colgate over American
5-Colorado over Iowa State
6-Fresno State over Idaho
7-Kennesaw State over Belmont
8-Marshall over Texas-El Paso
9-Miami (Ohio) over Buffalo
10-Minnesota over Northwestern
11-Mississippi State over Arkansas
12-Mount St. Mary's over Quinnipiac
13-New Mexico over Brigham Young
14-North Florida over Jacksonville
15-Oklahoma over Texas Tech
16-Southern California over Washington State
17-St. Francis (N.Y.) over Central Connecticut State
18-St. John's over Seton Hall
19-Temple over Massachusetts
20-Tulsa over Rice

Set B
1-Army over Bucknell
2-Campbell over E. Tennessee State
3-Connecticut over West Virginia
4-George Washington over Rhode Island
5-Lipscomb over Mercer
6-Maryland over Miami (Fla.)
7-Memphis over East Carolina
8-North Carolina over Florida State
9-Oregon over Arizona State
10-Rutgers over DePaul
11-Southeastern Louisiana over McNeese State
12-St. Bonaventure over Duquesne
13-St. Francis (Pa.) over LIU-Brooklyn
14-TCU over Air Force
15-Tennessee over South Carolina
16-Texas A&M over Kansas
17-UAB over Southern Miss
18-UCLA over Washington
19-Utah over Colorado State
20-Wagner over Robert Morris


Overall Standings (342 points possible)
1) hoosierguy1019: 226 points (28-8) .830
2) GeoMapster: 194 points (25-11) .784
3) Lobofan2003: 188 points (26-10) .775
4) TranquilChaos: 176 points (24-12) .757
5) BoilerBadger: 176 points (24-12) .757
6) jonvi: 172 points (27-9) .751
7) Beer: 166 points (24-12) .743
8) bearcatnation: 162 points (25-11) .737
9) sfrye4585: 162 points (24-12) .737
10) s0merand0mdude: 160 points (24-11) .751
11) LAOJoe: 150 points (23-13) .719
12) NCAABKJNKY81: 142 points (25-11) .708

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